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The Next Step In Humanity's Defense.

The world ended years ago, but the human race continued on. Some had to start over, some had some tech left over, but Japan had the headstart.

In 2097, the grand Tokneo was at its peak, with its new queen Kaos Nakamura in control. With her help, the place was the most advanced in the world.

In the pre-war days, the AKM was born, an Automated Killing Machine, with seven models being made. The android’s purpose is to kill, nothing else. Now that the chains of orders are broken, the AKM can do whatever they please.

The town is also host to gangs, like Tokyo’s Lost Ones, home to recent recruits Jockey and Danze.

With these hot heads catching the ire of the AKM-7 named M00N, they have a lot on their plate in the new cyberpunk world.

action ai alternate universe cyberpunk japan post-apocalyptic