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Aaron Flint

Sci Fi Private Eye

Humanity has spread across the stars. In the far reaches of space, a new colony is being built by Terragon Industries. The planet known as Haven is planned to be a designer colony where the rich can settle and thrive. For now, the planet is mostly inhabitable except for the large dome that covers an area the size of New York City.

Inside the dome lives the workers that are constructing the rest of the world as the air outside becomes breathable. Most are hardened blue collar workers just trying to make a living. But as humanity spread across the galaxy, so did crime. A large underworld has formed in the city of New Haven.

Amongst the people of New Haven, Aaron Flint is a private eye who has escaped his dark past on Earth. His expert set of skills has earned him the reputation of being a “fixer” — A man that can get any job done. So long as the price is right. . .

colonization crime detective mystery science fiction series