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A Stillness of the Sun

One last chance for a new first step.

It’s the spring of 1806, and in Philadelphia tales of water ghosts haunt the docks, escalating violence stalks the streets, and news of the larger world brings stories of Indian uprisings from the Indiana Territory.For Kellen Ward and Vincent Bradley, the Indians seem a distant problem. Kellen and Vincent are lovers and dockworkers who’ve built a life together–such as it is. But when Vincent takes a job outside the city in hopes of solving their financial woes, he has to leave Kellen and steps closer to the Indian threat than he ever imagined he would.

Alone in Philadelphia, Kellen struggles to stay a step ahead of a murderous supernatural threat and dodges her growing feelings for a new and potentially dangerous man in her life. Meanwhile, on a private estate outside the city, Vincent is caught up in the machinations of a charismatic military leader with big plans for the men he’s recruited–plans that include experimental and irreversible changes to their bodies and minds that might make more of them than they ever dreamed.

drama fantasy friendship historical fantasy magic steampunk western

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