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Popular stories, tagged adventure and action and post apocalyptic and fantasy, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

The Primal Hunter

An archer hunting down enemies while exploring both his own powers and the world he now finds himself in.

action adventure fantasy magic post-apocalyptic rpgs

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Enduring Good : [The Rationalist's Guide to Cultivation and Cosmic Abominations from Beyond the Stars]

[Rational Progression] + [Xianxia] + [Litrpg] + [Comedy] + [Post-Apocalyptic] + [Humanity, Fuck Yeah!]

action adventure apocalyptic fantasy post-apocalyptic xianxia

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The Dreamside Road

After the end of the world, the hunt for mythic relics and supernatural power begins.

action adventure fantasy post-apocalyptic science fantasy science fiction

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The Weapon Spirit

Weapon spirit in a post-apocalyptic world.

action adventure drama fantasy high fantasy post-apocalyptic

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Yuki - To Move Forward

action adventure fantasy post-apocalyptic science fantasy series

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action adventure fantasy post-apocalyptic registration required urban fantasy

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Theatre of Horrors

Live or die - the choice is yours.

action adventure cyoa fantasy post-apocalyptic reader directed suspense

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The Philosopher in Arms

A novel of power, love, war and spirit

action adventure angst bi coming of age drama fantasy gay love military politics post-apocalyptic spiritual violence

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