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Newest stories, tagged short stories and fantasy and adventure, ordered by increasing age since listing

The Mythlings

action adventure drama fairy tale fantasy historical fiction medieval military pulp short stories swashbuckler sword and sorcery war

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Grin The Cheat

Only heroes have to fight fair.

action adventure complete fantasy humor short stories

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Aethereal Engines

Stories of Imaginative and Speculative Fiction

action adventure coming of age fairy tale fantasy magic science fiction short stories

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Thousand Word Blog

Every week, I find a picture and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I find those thousand words and write a short story.

action adventure fantasy flash fiction science fiction short stories

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Fabled Hearts

We have talking rocks

adventure fantasy humor magic short stories weird

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Tales from Helitheren

adventure dragons fantasy high fantasy magic monsters short stories

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Many Words

adventure alternate universe detective fantasy magic pulp science fiction short stories

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Lailani Stories

adventure fantasy shapeshifters short stories

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