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Newest stories, tagged adventure and mystery, ordered by increasing age since listing


A LitRPG Timeloop

action adventure fantasy magic mystery time travel

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Hack Alley Doctor

This town is sick, and Derrick is the cure.

adventure cyberpunk dystopian mystery science fiction urban fantasy

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The Perfect Run

An adventurer with the power of time-travel does not use his power responsibly.

action adventure comedy fantasy mystery time travel

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The Alchemist's Apprentice

action adventure mystery obsession steampunk suspense

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The Beaumort Society

This being a tale of the shadowy activities occurring in the city of Omen, and of the private investigator Nemesis Jones, and the peculiar cases he solves.

adventure detective fantasy mystery steampunk

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RATS: 252 Chances At Redemption

A game of trust, secrets, and seemingly pure luck; how well does your friend wear their mask?

adventure fantasy futuristic modern mystery science fantasy young adult

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Hardcore: Qi Worlds

It's not easy mode, it's Hardcore

action adventure epic harem mystery rpgs xianxia

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Sheryl Holmes' 221B Baker Detective Agency

A girl and her journey to become a great detective.

adventure complete detective humor mystery series

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The Soulreaper Chronicles

Murder, mystery and magic in a world teetering on the edge

adventure crime death detective fae fantasy ghosts magic mystery post-apocalyptic

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A 'Verse Full of Scum

adventure bounty hunters fantasy magic mystery science fantasy science fiction space western

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