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Newest stories, tagged adventure and high fantasy and sword and sorcery, ordered by increasing age since listing

Steamforged Sorcery

Treasure hunting meets a steampunk fantasy setting

action adventure high fantasy steampunk sword and sorcery wizards

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Crown of the Martyr and Martyr of the Crown.

action adventure alternate universe epic fantasy high fantasy magic sword and sorcery

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The Eighth Warden

A young warrior-mage tries to forge his own destiny, while dealing with a fate not of his choosing.

adventure epic fantasy high fantasy magic sword and sorcery

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The Order of Sekhmet

adventure comedy fantasy gods high fantasy mythic sword and sorcery

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A Seeker's Story

action adventure coming of age demons fantasy high fantasy magic quest sword and sorcery young adult

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Offline Fantasy: Virtual Deities

LitRPG Fantasy Cyberpunk Adventure Action Quest Gods Magic Cultivation Online novels

action adventure epic fantasy gods high fantasy rpgs sword and sorcery

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Yesterday's Prince

What would you do if your body and your kingdom were stolen?

adventure epic fae fantasy high fantasy magic medieval sword and sorcery

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action adventure dark epic fantasy high fantasy martial arts sword and sorcery tragedy

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Black Cloak White Art

Tales from the Wizard's End of the Staff

adventure fantasy high fantasy magic quest series sword and sorcery

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