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Popular stories, tagged science fiction and magic and fantasy, ordered by reader boosts all time

Denham's Dentifrice

Tales from the Gallery of All

fantasy horror humor magic science fiction short stories surreal

265 boosters


Many Words

adventure alternate universe detective fantasy magic pulp science fiction short stories

64 boosters


The Keepers Rise

A Magical Sci-Fi Adventure with an Original Soundtrack

adventure fantasy magic music science fantasy science fiction

14 boosters


Aethereal Engines

Stories of Imaginative and Speculative Fiction

action adventure coming of age fairy tale fantasy magic science fiction short stories

4 boosters


Nomesque Fiction

Because life wasn't odd enough

fantasy magic science fiction short stories

4 boosters


A 'Verse Full of Scum

adventure bounty hunters fantasy magic mystery science fantasy science fiction space western

2 boosters


Full Scale Invasion

Small scale world. Big scale problems.

complete depression fantasy magic novella science fiction

0 boosters