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Popular stories, tagged weird and humor, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Winchward Beach

A demonic tale of dreams and guns

action demons fantasy humor metafiction occult religion satire surreal weird

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Et Alia

Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie...

humor romance science fantasy series weird

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The Night Blogger: A Season In Hell

Stalking a world of secrets and nightmares...

horror humor monsters series suspense weird

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The Night Blogger: Slim To None

Stalking a world of secrets and nightmares...

complete horror humor modern supernatural monsters noir series weird

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Fabled Hearts

We have talking rocks

adventure fantasy humor magic short stories weird

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Corpse Wars

Star Wars Fans vs Zombies! No matter who wins we all lose!

horror humor post-apocalyptic series weird zombies

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The Nick of Time (and other abrasions)

Tales of Paranormal Romance for people that couldn't get dates in high school.

dark fantasy fantasy humor series supernatural urban fantasy weird

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Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge

flash fiction humor short stories surreal weird

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