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Only Human After All

No matter how hard I'm grieving, how much I miss my husband, I know I don't want to die or become one of those mindless walking dead that thrives on brains.

post-apocalyptic series survival zombies

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A Raveling Night

Vikings. Sea monsters. Wicked hearts.

anti-hero dark fantasy dragons family drama fantasy mythic pagan romance series survival

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In Plain Sight

How can you know that the person standing right next to you isn't a wanted hiding criminal in plain sight?

action adventure college crime series survival

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Home of the Brave

The War has come to America...

action apocalyptic dystopian family military near future political series survival

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The Tale of Ashmores

adventure apocalyptic coming of age dystopian family series survival teenagers war

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Adorable adventures of Jason and Aqua, man and mermaid in a mysterious fantasy isle.

fantasy humor illustrated romance series survival

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