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The Mythlings

action adventure drama fairy tale fantasy historical fiction medieval military pulp short stories swashbuckler sword and sorcery war

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Grin The Cheat

Only heroes have to fight fair.

action adventure complete fantasy humor short stories

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Aethereal Engines

Stories of Imaginative and Speculative Fiction

action adventure coming of age fairy tale fantasy magic science fiction short stories

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Thousand Word Blog

Every week, I find a picture and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I find those thousand words and write a short story.

action adventure fantasy flash fiction science fiction short stories

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Fabled Hearts

We have talking rocks

adventure fantasy humor magic short stories weird

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Tales from Helitheren

adventure dragons fantasy high fantasy magic monsters short stories

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Many Words

adventure alternate universe detective fantasy magic pulp science fiction short stories

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Lailani Stories

adventure fantasy shapeshifters short stories

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Canyons of Steel

Justice and redemption from the barrel of a gun.

adventure pdf only science fiction short stories western

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