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caelum lex: trials of the dionysian by hayley greenhalgh and jenn bane

Caelum Lex: Trials of the Dionysian

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299 votes


the legion of nothing by jim zoetewey

The Legion of Nothing: Not all superheroes are bigger than life

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47 votes


subjugation by james galloway (fel)

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25 votes


a grey world by joe

A Grey World

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18 votes


starwalker by melanie edmonds

Starwalker: A ship's log, as told by the ship

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9 votes


the descendants by landon "vaal" porter

A Comic Book Universe . . . without the pictures.

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8 votes


symbiote by farmerbob1

Symbiote: Trying to understand and make a difference

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4 votes


pay me, bug! by christopher wright

Never Bet Against Your Captain

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2 votes


kat and mouse: guns for hire by abner senires

When the going gets tough, the tough shoot back.

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1 vote

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