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Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

Jack’s early life consisted of politics, insubordination and street fighting. He thought his life sucked. Then he killed his parents.

It was an accident, or so they said. Like most accidents, it could have been prevented if he had acted differently. His psychologist insisted he had to let it go, but only booze and games could make him forget it for a time, and booze could lead to another “accident.”

Thus Earth got itself another unexpressive game addict.

Unexpressive until Valia Online came out, that is.

In the Underworld, where only the not-so-good species of Valia thrive, he began his journey as an Unbound Deathlord.

Who would say the accumulated knowledge of his youth would be so important in a game?

action adventure fantasy rpgs sword and sorcery young adult

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