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Tuatha de Danann

Sidhe Pantheon of Gods Freed

Teigh Mac de Beleros y Cyronax has freed the Sidhe of his world from the forced confinement imposed on them. His actions were set in motion by the System.

Zeus and Odin have schemed against the Tuatha de Danann, forcing them to [Sleep] using treachery and blackmail because they are envious of their connection to the Summerlands.

Athena, Loki, Set, and Coyote have discovered a new plot, one that will affect every God of every Pantheon.

Zeus and Odin have learned how to steal the Divine mantle of gods that die. This ability will allow them to wreak havoc across the multiverse until there are no other gods left.

Teigh will need to travel to the Summerlands and gain entrance to another universe. The universe where Zeus and Odin have learned this new technique.

action alternate universe ancient rome fae gods mythic

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