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The Whisper of the Nightingale

She was a master assassin - feared by all. Now she is reborn in a world of magic and martial arts.

When Raven Night was alive she had, since the age of three, been trained into a deadly killer and by the age of 25 her prowess had become legend; she was beyond a shadow of a doubt the most deadly assassin the world had even seen. They called her ‘the night songstress’ and every man and women in power feared to one day hear her ‘singing’ – it would be the last thing they would ever hear.

But at that time, the young miss Night was sent on a mission she refused to complete and as a consequence she was hunted down and killed. As darkness takes her she cannot help but feel resent – would her countless slaughters on other peoples command be her only legacies!?

To her surprise the darkness fades and she finds her self reborn in a world of magic and martial arts. Perhaps this time around she will create a better legend for herself?

action fantasy humor romance tragedy

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