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The Way Ahead

Fantasy SCIENCE! (Warning: Sudden Onset Dimension Hopping does not include therapy)

Edwin never really saw himself as standing out. As much as he may have wished to rend the secrets of the universe open at his fingertips, modern-day science was just too well-established, requiring teams of people to push forward even the barest hint of understanding. The days of interested hobbyists making field-defining discoveries were long past, and he wasn’t anywhere close to the kind of genius needed to lead a team of researchers forward.

No, he was content to be a mere leaf in the wind, following his classes but never really being inspired by them. If he made some minor contribution somewhere, somehow, that was enough for him. While his dream may have never fully faded, he just couldn’t see himself ever making that much of an impact.

Of course, some things you really, really can’t foresee. Like waking up in a fantasy wilderness, and having a whole new world of magic, science, and magical science to explore!

That said, not all wounds can be healed with a potion, and experimentally animated constructs are not an appropriate replacement for friends. Not that it’ll stop him from trying.

action fantasy magic magical realism rpgs science

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