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The Last Colony

...hope fights back.

Legacies of the Lost Earth, Book One

It’s been thousands of years since the human race fled like locusts from their dying homeworld. As a race, they’ve killed dozens of worlds since and kept right on moving. The colony world known as E-557 is different. Founded by the Rose Foundation and the Psychean Guard, its residents are dedicated to preserving their world and a simpler way of life, one living with the world they call their home as much as on the land. They work to create an echo of humanity’s long-dead homeworld, Earth as it should have been but never was–with its natural wonders preserved for generations to come. There are those within New Earth space, however, that want nothing more for the Foundation’s mission to fail so they can claim E-557 for themselves.

Lindsay Farragut is the fabled Oracle, a psychic with whose prophetic visions are so strong they’re said to be dehabilitating. Fellow refugee Brendan Cho is her lover, tether, and anchor to the real world. When Lindsay’s visions begin to promise war, death, and destruction, the men and women of E-557 are pushed to action.

But how high will the costs be?

The year is 5249 PD, and war is coming to the farthest outpost of the human race. Someone wants to kill hope…but hope is going to fight back.

drama science fiction space opera