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The God Machine

A man who lost his family, and will do anything to get them back

When Luke Bennet gets pulled into a world full of deadly monsters, stats, and secrets, he finds out the truth about what really happened to his missing family. And he discovers that there’s a way to get them back, to get them all home. The journey will be dangerous, and he’ll need to be much, much stronger if he wants to have a chance of even surviving it.

Arrayed against him are hungry beasts who would snap him up given half a chance, mortal agents of a Pantheon determined to erase him and the threat he represents, and perhaps even the omniscient system itself. Luke is hellbent on reclaiming everything this new world has taken from him, even if he has to burn it down to get what he wants. No one, not even the gods themselves, are going to stop him.

What to expect:

  • a system that actually exists for a reason
  • isekaied weak to strong protagonist
  • who has to work for his upgrades
  • some monogamous romance sub plots

What you won’t find:

  • harems
  • tournament arcs
  • a hopeless, grim world where everything is constantly going wrong
  • unresolved plot points (as long as you’re patient)
  • a system apocalypse
  • kingdom building or importing of Earth technology

action adventure anti-hero fantasy

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