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The Demon Rising

There is a world that goes by the name of Verta. But alongside it, there is another world, too—one named Aead.

In the world of Verta, on the continent of Aphage, various races thrive, kingdoms rising and falling as time flows and the eternal game of politics is played. Kings rule, and merchants trade, and farmers farm. Life is simple—at least, for most—and peace and happiness, while far from assured, are at least always a possibility.

And yet, all of that is under threat. From the world of Aead come the demons, and they will stop at seemingly nothing to conquer the nations of Verta. No one knows their motivation, or how they think, or how they live. All anyone knows is that these demons are pure evil, fiends of the highest order that cannot be allowed to defile the land.

But what if that isn’t true?

In truth, demons are not quite all as evil as the mortals make them out to be. Not all of them are the same, and not all of them support the constant attacks. Truly, they are every bit as diverse and individual as any mortal race. But the fact remains that the Council, which rules over all demons, continues its war against Verta, regardless of its subjects’ wishes.

And when a government ignores the will of the people like that, there is only one path remaining.


demons fantasy gods magic medieval politics supernatural war

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