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The Cygnus War

The Tessa Chronicles: The Cygnus War is an online series of episodes released weekly (on Wednesdays) that chronicles the adventures of Minerva Squadron’s five pilots in an interstellar war with a shadowy enemy known as the Cygnan Coralate.

Our main character is Tessa Eisenherz, a lieutenant commander in the Terran Commonwealth’s Galactic Naval Division (TCGND) who flies a Seindrive 4 Blasterchild semi-atmospheric fighter and lives aboard the Terran Wallace-class Warship Von der Tann IV. Cast against a backdrop of naval combat and fast-paced dogfights among the stars, TTC: The Cygnus War is a series of tales that chronicle the missions and experiences of Tessa, her wingmen and countless others caught in the midst of the brutal interstellar war against the Cygnan Coralate.

action science fiction series space opera space western

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