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The Beaumort Society

This being a tale of the shadowy activities occurring in the city of Omen, and of the private investigator Nemesis Jones, and the peculiar cases he solves.

The city of Omen is on the cutting-edge of learning and science, and the things going on behind the backs of the Institute and the government, and sometimes with their approval…well, they don’t really matter. Conspirators operate just below the surface, societies clashing, fighting for their own mysterious ends.

It’s here that the individual known as Nemesis Jones, a self-styled private investigator, arrives, stumbling onto the doorstep of a curious bookstore called Beaumort’s. He’s here in search of answers, but all he seems to find is more questions—like the strange girl who arrived at Beaumort’s shortly after him, and the peculiar stranger who just may have the answers he seeks. After he stumbles upon a conspiracy tied far too closely for comfort to his best friend, it’s up to him and some other nosy eccentrics to unravel the mysteries of the city one by one, beginning with the murder at the Theatre Obscura.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, all of this is explicitly outlined in Nemesis’ job description.

adventure detective fantasy mystery steampunk

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