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The Backwards Wheel

Chelsea Leigh is dead. Her killer confessed, and was locked up to rot. Nobody knows why he killed her.

Well, there I told a little lie. This is the truth:

The world really is the way you thought it was when you were very young. It’s strange and impossible, and sometimes it’s horrific. Our minds struggle to imagine not fiction, but what’s really there. Monstrous intelligences strain at the skin of the world and whisper to its inhabitants. Discarded ideas are locked wholesale in an abandoned old hotel in Arizona. A woman who has been trying to die for two hundred years has found a way to live inside dreams and memories. And a little boy finds a tall, smiling man standing in his basement, staring into the dark and holding a thin knife.

As the events converge, the world begins to fall apart.

Izzy Parsons, already jaded by twelve, is thrown headfirst into the surreal world hiding behind the face of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania when her best friend Chelsea is found brutally murdered in her bedroom in the early morning. Izzy, staring at the aftermath, gets the sensation that something she can’t see is staring back. Her grandfather, bitterly suffering from ALS, notices something in the crime that no one else does, and begins to recognize the work of a familiar, vengeful enemy. Fearing for his granddaughter’s safety, he begins to reveal to her just how much she has been lied to.

horror obsession paranormal postmodern weird