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Telepaths: The Park Slope Conspiracy

A botched escape from a mental asylum lands an undercover agent in custody and reveals a plot to destroy the nation’s telepaths.

Incumbent Senator Tom Gates has assembled a team to dig into his opponent’s darkest secret. Leading the team is Elise Atwood, a rare non-telepath born into an all-telepathic family, the Senator’s trusted Communications Advisor—and if the investigation doesn’t pan out—his scapegoat. From the FBI the Senator recruits Agent Carl Childers, a seasoned telepathic interrogator whose wife’s high-risk pregnancy may prove to be a dangerous distraction. The team is completed by Dr. Maggie Lochlan, a telepathic psychiatrist who specialized in serial criminals until she was forced into early retirement by a killer who invaded her mind. Together they have to find a man who doesn’t exist: Andrew Piken, an undercover telepathic FBI agent who wishes he was normal, his job is to kidnap unregistered telepaths and deliver them to a compound in the desert.

If they can find Andrew, prove that the Senator’s opponent is orchestrating the kidnappings and figure out the connection to the escape from the infamous Park Slope Asylum, they could do more than win the election – they could expose years of government experiments on unwilling civilians.

lesbian science fiction suspense telepathy