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“Saying the same thing over and over again. For better or worse.”

“Saying the same thing over and over again. For better or worse.”

Aiden Lu awoke in a world that wasn’t his. There were familiarities, parallels, his old address, people he once knew, but people wielded superpowers, wondrous technology and magic beyond his age were used for the most mundane of tasks.

Yet the world he awoke in was one dictated by constant conflict.

Untold years ago, humanity crossed a line, a line that allowed integration to the wider Multiverse, an event that would later be known as The Apocalypse. Warp Gates to Otherworlds open completely at random, letting in alien things beyond comprehension or logic. Those who were blessed with power often give their lives to close these gates before the infections of alien realities become too great.

The world is different in a way difficult for him to comprehend, yet there is a single difference that truly shook him, a sister dead in his old universe, alive but comatose here.

Now reborn with his own unconventional power, he seeks to forge ahead, to continue on.

Because in the end, a restart is a restart. One you can’t hesitate to take advantage of. No matter where the path may lead, what can you do except to walk it?

alternate universe depression high school modern supernatural post-apocalyptic superhero