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Tally Road

Hard Furry Sci-Fi Adventure

They come to the mountain-city of Verss—fugitives, desperate runaways, eager entrepreneurs, spies- the feline Nerre, vulpine Estrai, the shunned reptilian Tompar, the provincial canine Resten—all to Verss, the biggest city on the biggest planet of the wolflike Runge.

Will Allie, wolf-girl runaway, find redemption or degradation as she turns in desperation from abuse to whoredom, yet tries to have that on her own terms?

What of Faisand, famed feline courtesan, clinging to her self-image as the years wear relentlessly away, and turning to her secret lover?

What of Dene, nerdly Runge girl, desired by not just another woman, but a Tompar, Siertes- cool, powerful, arrogant, reptilian, and venomous?

And what happens when all of them are dragged into intrigue that overwhelms everything else—as they learn that someone is trying to run biological weapons to the robotic Xarnax race, bent on genocide, and that everyone’s personal dramas must be swept aside in the fight to defeat a deadly evil?

Adult in every sense—all scenes, even sexual ones, produce consequences and drive the larger plot inexorably forward. Powerful, non-sexual conclusion both on action and emotional levels. This is a proper novel that just happens to unflinchingly cover furry SF sexual topics…

action adventure complete fantasy furry intrigue relationships sex violence

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