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Tales From A Thousand Worlds

Through the ruins of a fallen empire, a minotaur travels across a dying world, seeking the long roads back to his own world.

A gentleman-adventurer and his trusty companions explore an alternate-Earth steampunk world wherein immortals rule and the creatures of myth dwell.

A wild hill tribe sword maiden and a civilised one-time assassin of the cities seek adventurer and wealth in a sword and sorcery setting, exploring forgotten places and battling monsters and sorcerers alike.

A robot with a malfunctioning personality travels alongside his hapless, naive master as they are caught up in unlikely adventures, forced time and again to save his master from himself, whether he likes it or not.

These are just some of the inhabitants of Tales From A Thousand Worlds.

Drawn from a myriad of realms are tales of action, adventure, fantastic realms and those that inhabit them.

Tales From A Thousand Worlds is a collection of short fiction ranging from very short stories through to novellas, some forming ongoing series and others stand alone stories. They range across the SF/F spectrum, from fantasy and sword and sorcery, to sci fi, steampunk and even horror, with more on the way.

fantasy horror science fiction short stories steampunk sword and sorcery tragedy

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