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Single Mother Cultivator

Single mother from Earth searching for her son in a world of Eastern myths and legends

Lucia Martinez had to fight for every little victory in her life, especially when she was responsible for raising a teenage son by herself. But when the teen gets summoned to another world by a dysfunctional martial sect as their would-be savior, she’ll have to fight harder than ever just to get him back.

Brought along to a world of Eastern fantasy, Lucia must learn to fight demons both real and within her just to survive. Along the way she meets with a mysterious battle monk from the Southern lands whose own culture is both familiar yet incredibly different from hers and the Northern martial sect’s. He and his people may be strange, but their kindness towards her may be her only hope of truly becoming powerful enough to protect the one she loves.

Single Mother Cultivator is as the title suggests, a Cultivation novel. Unlike other Cultivation stories, this one heavily focuses on more than just Chinese mythos, and isn’t just a generic power fantasy. It explores the very nature of strength itself, and how it could and should be used. The foundational power system is the same for both groups, with differences in their philosophies on how to pursue it.

action adventure india mythic slice of life xianxia

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