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Shades of the Moon

“If you are reading this, my fellow Player, you must have successfully survived your initiation to this world. You have been tested in lots of different ways, whether you knew it or not.

You woke up in the middle of nowhere, alongside with several strangers. No one told you anything, but you were forced to adapt quickly if you wanted to survive. It wasn’t enough to find food and shelter; soon after waking up, your group had to face your first—and hopefully not your last—fight together.

Sounds familiar? I’ve been in the same boat.

Now that you reached a town or a city, you may think that the difficult part is over. But believe me when I say this: your struggles have only just begun. You see, they didn’t bring you here just to see how well you can survive in the wilderness on your own. They weren’t testing how good you are at fighting monsters. All they care about is how you use your Abilities. Should you try to settle down and live a peaceful life, sooner or later you will find yourself forced out of your comfort zone. If you are unprepared when that happens, you will most likely die.”

—excerpt from the preface of “Guide for the Niazian Empire’s new Players”

action adventure fantasy humor romance

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