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Realmshaker [Giant Progression LitRPG]

A noble giant goes on a CONQUEST to shake the realm.

Norse Mythology. DnD. High Fantasy Progression LitRPG.

Rhonda is a noble giant⁠—a huge savage beauty learning to become a ranger and a chieftess. But five centuries after a terrible war eliminated the noble giants’ civilization, Rhonda wakes up alone on a runic ritual site far from home. Her culture is nearly plundered, erased, and forgotten. Terrible beasts roam the land, and smaller beings are taking over. Stranger yet, there’s a mystical mechanism revealing to Rhonda her class, attributes, perks, star power, and more.

It’s the Star System.

And its master could be an eldritch thing covering the world, unknown to all except the giantess herself.

Follow Rhonda and her friends on an epic CONQUEST to collect star power, go berserk on their enemies, and make an impact that no one can ignore. The noble giants’ civilization may have fallen, but it’s Rhonda’s birthright to shake the realm.

Key Points:

Unique litrpg progression system.

Strong-to-stronger MC.

Non-Human and Human characters

Dangerous enemy encounters.

Awesome fights, brutal kills, absolute bloody carnage.

Survival, crafting, magic studies.

Leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

action adventure anti-hero medieval mythic rpgs

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