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Raven's Gift

Life is difficult, even if you're good at it.

NB: Raven’s Gift is available only as a podcast.

Raven has an unusual gift, or is it a curse: a nose that can smell almost anything. During her adventures in medieval, magical Ausland, she must defeat a dragon, an army of giant-size warriors, and three evil wizards. She will master the greatest bit of nose-magic, and learn how to use it in her battles. Even the defeat of the evil wizards will not be enough. When their evil magic is destroyed, Raven and her friend must avoid starvation and face the lightning bolts of yet another mage, to have a chance to stay alive. Interleaved with this fantasy adventure is another story: how does a scrappy fighter make peace with her past mistakes, and how does she find friends to help her make amends for them? Although there’s no graphic violence or graphic sex, Raven’s Gift probably deserves an R rating for being earthy.

NB: Raven’s Gift is available only as a podcast.

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