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Of Astral and Umbral

In a dying kingdom chained by superstitions, Arianna lives a life isolated from her people. Her power as an Umbral Mage has seen her vilified, while her twin brother, Darius, is seen as the kingdom’s greatest hope. With few allies and fewer friends, Arianna has resigned herself to a short life of protecting the airborne island nation against threats from both within and without.

When the stranded nation suddenly regains contact with the outside world, Arianna is forced to reevaluate the nightmarish memories she’s experienced since childhood. However, a familiar face threatens to shatter her attempts at self-delusion.

Nalithor, a former prince, now serves as the God of Balance and ventures to X’shmir to determine how an entire nation was hidden from the deities. Catching a glimpse of Arianna, he gives chase, haunted by her power’s similarity to that of a long lost friend.

Determined to know more, Nalithor arranges for the prince and princess to attend the Dauthrmiran Academy of Martial Science—but Arianna won’t be easy prey.

action angels demons fantasy monsters romance series

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