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Jessica Albright thought her life was going well. Sure, she might have wanted to bite the necks and drink the blood of everyone around her, but everyone at her new school had weird urges like that themselves, so it’s not like they would have a problem with it. But when her body gets taken over by an ancestor, interrupts some ritual the teachers were doing and injures her roommate in the process, Jessica finds herself with bigger problems than ever.

If dealing with the knowledge that she could loose control of her body at anytime wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with a mummy-girl that hates her for no good reason, finding time to ask out that cute werewolf from English class, and all of the other crap that come with high school. And then there’s the oncoming apocalypse the teacher’s ritual was supposed to stop.

But still, she could hit like a bus, take hits like a tank, and look good doing it. Now, she just had to figure out how to use those powers without causing massive amounts of property damage…

action coming of age fantasy modern supernatural teenagers urban fantasy

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