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Mourners, Abednego, Persistence

Sebastio the Effulgent has been Lord of Pennat Gate for more than a hexadecade following the events of that day called the Western Sunrise. In the pyres that lament the many deaths of that tribulation, the place he has worked to turn into an asylum for the downtrodden has prospered. Some of the Yrdkish peerage, and some of those far removed from such status, disagree with Pennat Gate’s position, politics, and rulership. A few are not satisfied merely with seditious talk. A few possess frighteningly capable means with which to undermine causes of questionable nobility. A few want to see the experiment flourish, so that it might be ripped out roots and all. A fiery furnace awaits, and it hungers for both metal to shape and tinder to reduce to dust. When strange intelligent Beasts begin to appear on the lidar, they become the Toledo steel that will either straighten the extrafacetary territories’ spine, or leave it forever hunchbacked.

drama fantasy politics science fantasy supernatural

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