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Mostly Dead Girls

Faye’s been desperate to reconnect with her lost past since her serial killer uncle was killed and she was placed with her bizarrely normal father’s family - desperate enough to strike up a conversation with the first dead girl she meets, no matter how dangerous that might be.

Dorita’s not happy about being a dead girl - she never thought of herself as violent, but she wants nothing more than to rip off her killer’s limbs. Problem is, she can’t even find the guy. And as a subtype of ghost known only to be murderous, she can’t reveal herself to anyone without the risk of getting killed AGAIN. Faye creeps her out, but she might be the only one who can help her.

As everything from possessed radios to overly helpful murderers and the government’s department of supernatural control draw a web of difficulty tighter and tighter around the two girls, their cautious appreciation for each other grows; maybe even buds into something more. But with Dorita’s killer now stalking Faye and a ghost hunter in the neighborhood, the girls don’t have much time left. And neither of them are quite sure what side they’ll find themselves on when all this is done…

black comedy fantasy horror lesbian registration required urban fantasy young adult

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