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Marc Quill's Singularity

What would you do if you had no memory of your past, no idea of who you are and found yourself unexpectedly lost in a world that is not of your own? How about if you learned that you have superpowers that you never knew you had in the first place?

That’s exactly the plight that a young woman only known as “Skye” faces. With absolutely no memory of anything or anyone from her past aside from her own name, Skye is tormented by fractured memories and haunting visions. Fortunately, she’s got superhuman-level strength, endurance, agility, and invulnerability on her side and a relentless demeanor that never wavers, even in the face of true adversity.

However, Skye finds herself marooned in an urban jungle the likes of which she has never experienced, where she is being hunted down by a deadly conspiracy that has dark designs planned for her. They will stop at nothing to extract her secrets by any means necessary. With no one to turn to, Skye faces impossible odds… that is, until she encounters Finch “Finn” Finwick, a young man in search of his own place in the world. Loyal and courageous, Finn has made it his personal mission to assist Skye in her quest to uncover the deadly conspiracy that has her in its sights… but is Finn in way over his head?

The two polar opposites are also joined by fourteen year-old Ava Lorenz, a homeless youth born with the power to control a seemingly-limitless supply of energy within her body. With this much power literally at her fingertips, will Ava be just the ally Skye and Finn need in order to fight the evil SDI Genomics firm and its conspiracy? Or will it all be too much for her to control?

Now thrust into an extraordinary situation to ensure their survival, these three unlikely allies will come to discover just how far-reaching and damaging the conspiracy that has followed Skye into Toronto really is, as well as what it means to discover their own identities, even as a perilous world threatens to forcefully change their livelihoods forever.

action superhero young adult