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Life in Hyperion

The first real novel to come down the hopefully long and winding John Maxwell pipeline. The book’s long narrative takes as back to the year 2009, where things were different. Things are certainly different for two people working at Hyperion, Michigan’s local radio station WHYP, Conrad Harris and his friend Cyrus McLean ‘Cy’ Scott. As the story begins, Conrad is trying to celebrate his older sister Darlene’s 30th birthday and enlist Cy into throwing her a party. Cy, however, thinks of Darlene as what he calls a human iceberg: cold, unfeeling, and emotionless, and will ruin any party plans. Conrad holds the party anyway, inviting lone WHYP intern Phil and Cy’s live-in girlfriend Joanne, in the process, but Cy’s prediction comes true and ruins the little get-together. Later that night, as Phil is walking to a night of drinking, he comes upon a woman crying in the rain. Together, the two have a makeshift date and soon find themselves falling in love. What do these two events have to do with each other? The only way to find out is to read the rest of the story!

comedy drama friendship humor romance

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