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Land of Nowhere

Ripped from his world, a man has to survive against all odds!

Plucked from his planet and his beautiful family, Lucian Lane was thrown into a world of danger where building and expanding seemed to be the only goal!

Lucian had been chosen as one of the one billion contenders to participate in the prestigious Tournament of Nowhere! A Tournament where strength, wisdom, and craftiness reign above all!

Menacing creatures, unknown threats, and the other participants aim to destroy everything that he creates!

Lucian sets out to build the ultimate fortress, planning to conquer this game-like world and make it back to his family! Will he be successful? Will he become the Champion of Nowhere and set foot into the truths of the universe? Or will he become just another corpse in the infinitely vast Land of Nowhere?

action adventure aliens survival sword and sorcery telepathy

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