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In the Shadows of Silverspire

Diamonds and Deals are currency, and the devils are in the Details

It’s a war only a mage could win, and all it will cost him is everything.

Novitiate Stephen Andrews just wants to enjoy Yule with his family. When vampires attack, Stephen is forced to flee his home through a magic mirror with his sister and their friends. Stephen finds himself in the ancient world of Koralis. This is a world where old asphalt dots the roads and a rebellion of metal men and magical creatures have risen against the usurper, Queen Brigid.

Brigid seeks to bring all the magic in the land under her control, and only another magician can stop her. Now Stephen finds himself dragged into a war he had no part in, and no way back home.

Stephen is surrounded by enemies, and his trust in his friends, and his sister are put to the ultimate test. He must rise to the occasion and brave the perils of war or be enthralled to Brigid forever.

alternate universe dark fantasy epic gay high fantasy historical fantasy