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In Crows' Claws

A Fantasy Epistolary War Tale

Word has spread throughout the land of Fyrndell that an archaeological team has unsurfaced what is rumored to be the tomb of Konia, the long-deceased wife of the equally ill-fated god Operus. Goddess to her believers and traitor to those who worship her husband, there is no doubt in the learned minds of Fyrndell that her tomb holds vast treasures in the form of worldly possessions and useful knowledge and, in that, power.

From the east approaches an army of volunteers and knights conscripted or ordained by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of Fyrndell, worshippers of the one true god, Operus. Led by the fierce, strict Knight-Crusader Lora sont Wethers, the Crusade Army hopes to secure the tomb for research and protection from Konia-believing heretics and other pagans.

Always in search of power and with its unofficial acceptance of Konia as its sole diety, an expeditionary force from the elven Mhedorian Empire marches in search of Konia’s Tomb. At its head is the ambitious Marshal Taves Khest, who will use all advantages available to him to ensure victory is his and his alone.

Playing off the desires of its heathen enemies, an army from the city-state of Rashiem approaches from the south. In veneration of its self-proclaimed god, Tavradyss, the God-Prince of Conflict, the Rashiemi army seeks only to encourage, instigate, and participate in a bloody battle for control of the tomb.

adventure dark fantasy fantasy magic military war

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