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I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please

Superpowers abound. Villains rule the world. A lone, exhausted, hero that just wants to quit.

Lucas Lynn, a largely nondescript man from our world, is unfortunately reincarnated into a more scientifically advanced world run entirely by supervillains.

After a mere month of time there, he is bleeding out on the sidewalk and found by the Superhero Enhancement System, being granted superpowers and the (uncontrolled) ability to go back in time, all in exchange for performing good deeds. But, he must strive to hide his identity as a hero, or else face the torturous consequences…

A progressive growth story with kingdom-building elements a la building up his fake supervillain organization, managing to convert some existing villains into joining his cause, and all of the missions they complete for the general good. All this and more while preparing to save the world from a pending unknown global-scale disaster.

comedy satire science fiction slice of life superhero time travel