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I Hraet You

He’s the Prince of Love. The Sultan of Swoon. The Violet Peacock. He’s Lloyd B. Hoigleheimer, self-proclaimed agent of Aphrodite. He’s also an idiot prone to out-hamming a drunken William Shatner. And following a near-death experience, he’s about to have a stroke of good fortune.

Awakening to a mysterious power within, Lloyd decides to use his psychic abilities — the power to observe and touch people’s hearts — to make his aims a reality. What starts out as a dream to create the world’s finest harem blooms into something much bigger. He’s about to put his back (and his pancreas) into this upcoming fight, all for the sake of creating a new world. And he’s about to have a wild time of it, thanks in no small part to a gun-toting grandma, wrestlers by the dozen, no shortage of allies and enemies with split personalities, punk rockers, superhumans, a killer robot, and a wandering samurai bear. Oh, and a ghost for good measure.

Strap in. It’s gonna be a wild one…

comedy fantasy high school series urban fantasy

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