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Her Golemancer Girlfriend

A slow-burn, fast-punching progression fantasy about power, love, and dungeon exploration.

Visit Fleettwixt! Enjoy its state-of-the-art mana trains, its sky-high towers, its diverse cultures, and of course its countless golems waiting to do your every bidding. Life in the capital city is a paradise…

…But that paradise comes at a great cost.

Enter Amelia Bluewood. Half-human, half-golem. All fury. A hometown in ruins, a girlfriend missing without a trace, a system malfunctioning. She’s lost everything, but now, in Fleettwixt, she has a chance for revenge, a chance for answers, a chance to gain power.

Amelia may look human, but she has a whole system inside of her that controls her core, with five modules that can enhance her or alter her at will. By absorbing souls and upgrading herself, she can become more and more powerful, until eventually she grows enough to finally defeat the corporation that controls Fleettwixt.

The North Sunwell Company has exploited the land long enough. No matter what it takes, no matter how many people she must kill, she will win.

action anti-hero fantasy lesbian magic queer

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