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Wands for show, knives for a pro.

What is Goodfae? Goodfae is a story about the mafia. Simple, right? Well, actually not so much. Not once you throw fairies, ghosts, gods and monsters into the mix with mobsters and magic. The world of Goodfae is far from copacetic, much like the life of its protagonist, Alfonso Anastasio; a mafioso and newly made man trying to make ends meet to support his bedridden sister. Just like everyone else in the great city of New York, New York, Al wakes up everyday just so he can go to work nine to five and bring home the bread. Unlike other people, Al’s work involves extortion and violent gang warfare alongside the likes of warlock Marquis Allesandri and his crew of vampires, demigods, and changelings. Hey, some people file tax returns, some people file bullets. With the Allesandri family and their capo backing Alfonso and his sister, is he going to walk the road of gold and roses, or is his life and the lives of everyone around him about to become a lot more complicated?

action crime magic urban fantasy fae ghosts monsters demons elves mythic occult shapeshifters undead vampires witches dwarves dragons druids

action crime fantasy magic urban fantasy vampires

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