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Glints Saga: Papillon

Five years after saving the world, a former magical girl meets a butterfly-woman who might bring magic back into her life.

Five years ago, Faye Brice and her friends saved the world.

Now, Faye lives an ordinary life with an ordinary job, her life as the heroine Papillon a distant memory. The beings known as Outsiders, once enemies of humankind, are now welcomed guests in Garden City—and a constant reminder of Faye’s magical past.

When Faye meets a butterfly-woman Outsider, mutual curiosity sparks a bonds between the two, one that leaves Faye wondering if her new friend thinks of her as more than such. Her relationship with this Outsider might bring magic back into her life, but it could also risk her remaining friendships with her fellow heroines, the secrets they share…or even the peace Faye once fought for.

drama fantasy lesbian romance superhero urban fantasy

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