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Fractured Magic

A serialized LGBT+ epic fantasy web novel.

Roman Hallisey has heard every Egil story there is. There are hundreds, but no two are the same—in some he’s a hero, in some he’s a soldier, and in others he’s nothing but a nuisance. In many, he’s a monster. Roman doesn’t believe any of them, but they do get one thing right: Egil hates the peace-keeping organization Unity and will do whatever he can to get in their way. So when a king in the south is kidnapped and Unity makes plans to bring him back, Egil makes sure he’s involved.

Unity puts together a team of unlikely elites—an assassin who’s been burned by Egil too many times to count, a writer whose naivety is only outmatched by his kindness, an alfar royal with an age-old grudge who’s still nursing a broken heart, and Roman, whose quest for revenge brings him closer and closer to destruction.

It’s a motley crew made up of spare parts and rough edges, but it works. When Egil’s attempts to do the right thing end in him losing control of his magic—magic that shouldn’t exist in the first place—it’s only the team he’s grown so close to on this mission that can stop him.

anti-hero ensemble fantasy high fantasy queer

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