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Fabled Hearts

We have talking rocks

A collection of stories that range from silly to serious. Adventurers will travel through strange lands, filled with stranger denizens, indeed the adventurers in many cases will themselves be curious beings unknown to you. Sometimes you will encounter a more familiar form, only to pull back the hood and see that actually, that elf had goat eyes.

It will not just be adventurers, thieves will walk between shadows, and even through shadows to a world beyond. There will be the kind of world where a fox will sit next to a gingerbreadman and complain about the ale. Oracles will have problems with shedding. Singing golems, wolves that sing fire. Curses will be cast and broken.

There will be talking rocks. Cones with eyes, feet and a mouth.

This is Fantasy, as you know it, but yet unfamiliar, and fantasy stranger still than that.

adventure fantasy humor magic short stories weird

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