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A story about terrible superpowers, the terrible people who hold them, and the terrible people who do not.

Exhuman is the story of a futuristic world where nuclear wars have come and gone, people become superhuman—Exhuman—at random and cause devastation. People still make the same greedy and stupid mistakes as plagued the 21st century; a world completely different from our own, yet utterly the same.

In this world unfolds the dark story of the life of Athan Ashton, an 18-year old who wakes up to find himself a lightning-powered Exhuman. Following a failed imprisonment and execution, he is exiled and has to start over, ostracised from all he’s even known.

Life as an Exhuman sometimes takes doing terrible things to survive, but a new life means new opportunities to meet and befriend those willing to look beyond the social stigma…or to die to them.

dark romance superhero teenagers

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