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Enter the Farside

What was your experience?

Enter the Farside follows the story of Shaun Larson, a young man finding himself and finding this world. The earth he steps upon is not natural; every fibre of existence as we know it is tainted by the Farside, only a veil separating the world between it and another one of raw, incomprehensible madness. Humanity is far from such insanity; people endure and thrive, beset within and without. We have stared into the abyss, and found it wanting.

Farside is going to be a web serial focused on the world where humanity doesn’t go insane from the revelation and the consequences of their actions. Whilst it may grow dark and show the worst parts of a human, it also may grow equally as bright and noble.

Enter the Farside is a web series released in small chapters over time, updating at least once a week and sometimes up to three times. It is a new series currently esatablishing its roots, beginning on October 2015.

action modern supernatural paranormal satire superhero