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Endless Stars

as vast and inescapable as the past

Stars are all Kinri has. Exiled from the noble heights of the skylands, she scrapes by in the backwater cliffs of the land of glass and secrets. It’s a chance to make real friends and live a simple life away from her family—it’s all she wants. She’s different now, and she’ll prove it. But can she even convince herself?

Meanwhile, in the shadow of her legendary alchemist grandfather, Hinte struggles to find something to call her own. Out in the depths of the town’s molten glass lake, she sifts for mysterious, humming stones, and it seems she’s found it—but she can’t hide this new sense of purpose from her friends.

United by circumstance, the two struggle to find common ground. When Kinri finally convinces Hinte to take her along into the lake, she goes from curious to baffled as the mysteries pile up, and Hinte remains tight-lipped and distant. Is this just sifting, or something more?

dragons drama fantasy

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