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It’s been six years since Mientheoderic’Cyan arrived at the Dias Brotherhood. He’s changed a lot and has been doing a lot including becoming a battle chanter. After his first official mission, with First Warden Kellas’s band, Mien learns has a vision learning that he’s starting the process of learning his edict phrase. A chanters most powerful phase. However, instead going back to the monastery, First Warden Kellas decides to pursue a bandit that attacked a traveling merchant who he suspects is one of the fugitive peaceguards. Instead of getting their man, Mien wakes up in the aftermath of a pursuit gone wrong. All he knows is that Soletus is left to lead remains if their band and Kellas is no where to be found. The four of them need to get home and inform them on what has happened. However, getting home isn’t going to be that easy.

Kiao’Medowlark, a priestess in the brotherhood, isn’t having it easy. Brother Elnos, the priest assembly head, is getting in her way. He doesn’t like Kiao’s and Mien timbre bond and appears to be focusing on her to change the nature of it. However, Kiao feels Mien through the channel the she’s never felt before and something has happened to him. She gets even more concerned when First Warden Kellas returns with half his band missing. She decides to join forces with First Warden Oeric who wants to know what happened to his son.

adventure drama elves fantasy friendship

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